Person Name Caccialanza, Gisella Clelia
Alternate Names Giselle (Stage name) ,
Romeon, Gisella (Stage name) ,
Giselle, Sylvia
Gender Female
Country(ies) of Residence United States
Birth Date September 17, 1914
Death Date July 16, 1998
Dates Active 1928 - 1998
Genre Specialization(s) Ballet
Performing Art Group Affiliations American Ballet, San Francisco Ballet
Institutional Affiliations Metropolitan Opera House (New York), San Francisco War Memorial Opera House
Reference(s) San Francisco Performing Arts Library and Museum
Notes Trained by famous ballet master Enrico Cecchetti at La Scala, and later by Balanchine at the School of American Ballet. Afterward, performed with the American Ballet, Ballet Caravan, St. Louis Municiple Opera, American Ballet Caravan, New Opera Company, San Francisco Ballet, and Ballet Society. She also danced in the 1938 film "The Goldwyn Follies," and taught at the San Francisco Ballet school from 1953 on. SFPALM

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Associated Productions 1944Dec24, San Francisco War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco Ballet, Nutcracker, The
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