Person Name Tetrazzini, Luisa
Alternate Names Tetrazzini, Luise (Alternate spelling)
Gender Female
Cultural Identity Italian
Country(ies) of Residence Italy, United States
Birth Date 1871
Death Date 1940
Dates Active 1895 - 1938
Genre Specialization(s) Opera, European
Performing Art Group Affiliations Metropolitan Opera Company
Institutional Affiliations Metropolitan Opera House (New York), Tivoli Opera House (San Francisco)
Notes Luisa Tetrazzini was a struggling singer when she finally made her mark at San Francisco's Tivoli Opera House in 1904. Considered one of the greatest coloratura sopranos of all time, Tetrazzini joined the Metropolitan Opera Company a few years later, but never forgot San Francisco's genorisity toward her, and returned often to sing for its citizens. The recipe for Chicken Tetrazzini was created in her honour by the chefs at San Francisco's Palace Hotel, around 1910. SFPALM

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Associated Productions 1910Dec24, Lotta's Fountain, Last Rose of Summer, The
Representations of person in performance 1003888