Person Name Pavley, Andreas
Alternate Names Pavley, Hank (Childhood name) ,
de Weyer, Andreas Hendricus Theodorus van Dorp (Full name) ,
Pavley, Andre (Nickname)
Gender Male
Country(ies) of Residence France, United Kingdom
Birth Date 1892
Death Date 1931
Dates Active Unknown
Genre Specialization(s) Ballet
Performing Art Group Affiliations Pavley-Oukrainsky Ballet Company
Reference(s) Danse Macabre; The Life and Death of Andreas Pavley
Notes Along with Serge Oukrainsky, Andreas Pavley founded the Pavley-Oukrainsky Balley Company and School. Afraid that growing older would ruin his career and that he would no longer enjoy life once past his prime, he committed suicide in 1931. SFPALM

Associated Items

Associated Productions 1925, Chicago Opera Company, Cleopatra
Representations of person in components 1003951, 1003952, 1003953, 1003954