Person Name Tsuruzawa Dōhachi II
Alternate Names Tsuruzawa Tokutarō VI (Earlier stage name) ,
Tsuruzawa Seitomo I (Earlier stage name) ,
Tsurusawa Dohachi II (Alternate transliteration) ,
Tsurusawa Tokutaro VI (Alternate transliteration) ,
Tsuruzawa Douhachi (Alternate transliteration)
Gender Male
Cultural Identity Japanese
Country(ies) of Residence Japan
Birth Date Unknown
Death Date Unknown
Dates Active 1928 - November 12, 1981
Genre Specialization(s) Puppetry
Geographic Affiliations Osaka (Japan)
Performing Art Group Affiliations Bunraku
Reference(s) Bunka dejitaru raiburarii, kōen kiroku
Notes Bunraku shamisen player

Associated Items

Representations of person in performance 1006517, 1006642, 1006518, 1006523
Representations of person in components 1004363