Person Name Ichikawa Gonjūrō II
Alternate Names Ichikawa Gonjurou (Alternate transliteration) ,
Okada Kisaburō or Kikusaburō ,
Rikō (Pen or literary name) ,
Arashi Rikimaru (Earlier stage name) ,
Arashi Rikimatsu (Earlier stage name) ,
Arashi Yoshisaburō III (Earlier stage name) ,
Arashi Rikaku III (Earlier stage name) ,
Arashi Rikaku (Earlier stage name)
Gender Male
Cultural Identity Japanese
Country(ies) of Residence Japan
Birth Date September 15, 1848
Death Date March 27, 1904
Dates Active Unknown
Genre Specialization(s) Kabuki
Geographic Affiliations Kyoto (Japan)
Notes Character types: Hatamoto roles (onnagata). Group affiliations: Kawasakiya. Ichikawa Gonjūrō II was born in Kyoto. His father is Iseya Kisaburō. He became a student of Arashi Rikan III. He first appeared on stage as Rikimaru in 1858 at the age of 11. Then he was adopted by Arashi Rikaku III. After he became Arashi Yoshisaburo III, he took the name Arashi Rikaku III. Then he went to Edo and changed his name to Rikaku (different character for kaku.)  In 1871 he went to prison and was released three years later. He became a student of Ichikawa Danjuro IX and became Ichikawa Gonjuro II. He died of pneumonia in 1904.

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