Person Name Sudeikin, Sergey
Alternate Names Soudeikine, Serge (Authority name) ,
Sudyekin, Sergey Yur'yevich (Alternate transliteration) ,
Sudejkin, Sergej Jur'evic (Alternate transliteration) ,
Sudeikin, Sergei (Alternate transliteration)
Gender Male
Cultural Identity Russian
Country(ies) of Residence Russia
Birth Date March 19, 1882
Death Date August 12, 1946
Geographic Affiliations Saint Petersburg (Russia), United States
Performing Art Group Affiliations World of Arts, Blue Rose
Notes Painter; left Russia in 1918.

Associated Items

Associated Productions 1906, Komissarzhevskaya Theatre, Sister Beatrice
Components associated with person 1003498