Person Name Hartmann, Paul
Alternate Names Hartmann, Paul, 1889- (Authority name) ,
Hartman, Paul (Alternate spelling) ,
Hartmann, Paul Wilhelm Constantin (Full name)
Gender Male
Cultural Identity German
Country(ies) of Residence Austria, Germany
Birth Date January 8, 1889
Death Date June 30, 1977
Genre Specialization(s) Drama
Geographic Affiliations Berlin (Germany), Salzburg (Austria), Vienna (Austria)
Performing Art Group Affiliations Salzburg Festival, Reinhardt ensemble
Institutional Affiliations Salzburg, Festspielhaus
Notes 1932 Jedermann role

Associated Items

Associated Productions 1924, Theater in der Josefstadt (Vienna, Austria), Reinhardt ensemble, Servant of Two Masters, A ,
Reinhardt, Salzburg Festival, 1927 ,
Reinhardt, Century Theatre, New York, 1927
Representations of person in components 618
Components associated with person 291, 1003681