Person Name Krauss, Werner
Alternate Names Krauss, Werner, b. 1884 (Authority name) ,
Kraus, Werner (Alternate spelling) ,
Krauss, Verner (Alternate spelling)
Gender Male
Birth Date 1884
Death Date 1959
Genre Specialization(s) Drama
Geographic Affiliations Berlin (Germany), Salzburg (Austria)
Performing Art Group Affiliations Deutsches Theater (Berlin, Germany), Reinhardt ensemble
Institutional Affiliations Deutsches Theater (Berlin, Germany)
Reference(s) Max Reinhardt: 25 Jahre Deutsches Theater (plate 99)
Notes Versatile stage and film actor (Cabinet of Dr. Caligari , Jud Suess). Death in 1920 SF Jedermann.

Associated Items

Associated Productions 1920Feb14, Grosses Schauspielhaus (Berlin, Germany), Reinhardt ensemble, Dantons Tod ,
Reinhardt, Volksbuehne, Berlin, 1915 ,
Reinhardt, Salzburg, 1920
Representations of person in performance 284, 282, 285, 1003685, 1003758
Representations of person in components 1003259
Components associated with person 603, 1003858