Person Name Mayakovsky, Vladimir
Alternate Names Mayakovsky, Vladimir, 1893-1930 (authority name) (Authority name) ,
Maiakovskii, Vlaimir (Alternate transliteration) ,
Majakovskis, Vladimiras (Alternate transliteration) ,
Majakowski, Wladimir (Alternate transliteration) ,
Majakovski, Vladimir (Alternate transliteration) ,
Maiakovs'kyi, Volodymyr (Alternate transliteration) ,
Maiakovskij, Vladimir (Alternate transliteration) ,
Mayakovsky, Vladimir Vladimirovich (Full name)
Gender Female
Cultural Identity Russian
Country(ies) of Residence Soviet Union (historical name), Russia
Birth Date July 19, 1893
Death Date April 14, 1930
Geographic Affiliations Moscow (Russia)
Performing Art Group Affiliations Left Front (LEF)

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