Piece Name Eguchi
Piece Alternate Name Eguchi no yuujo ,
Eguti (Transliteration)
Creation Date Muromachi
Creator Zeami Playwright
Associated Performing Art(s) Noh
Associated Movement currently performed noh
Language(s) of Creation Japanese
Structure Divisions Two acts
Piece Published in Yokyoku: klassicheskaya yaponskaya drama,
Le Livre des Nô: drames légendaires du vieux Japon,
An Outline History of Japanese Drama,
Japanese Noh Drama Volume I,
Teatro giapponese. Sette Nô,
Japanese Nô Dramas,
Pining Wind: A Cycle of No Plays,
The Noh Volume III: Woman Noh. Book 2

Associated Items

Associated Productions 1985Jun22, Kyoto Kanze Kaikan, Eguchi ,
Not Specified ,
Eguchi ,
1967May, Eguchi
Performances of the piece 1001248, 1001249, 1001250, 1000124, 1001556, 1000125
Components associated with piece 1002496, 1005018, 1005781, 1005780, 1004783, 1004884, 1005752, 1004809, 1005694, 1001248, 1000124, 1001556, 1000125