Piece Name Eguchi
Piece Alternate Name Eguchi no yuujo ,
Eguti (Transliteration)
Creation Date Muromachi
Creator Zeami Playwright
Associated Performing Art(s) Noh
Associated Movement currently performed noh
Language(s) of Creation Japanese
Structure Divisions Two acts
Piece Published in Le Livre des Nô: drames légendaires du vieux Japon,
Japanese Nô Dramas,
Pining Wind: A Cycle of No Plays,
The Noh Volume III: Woman Noh. Book 2,
An Outline History of Japanese Drama,
Teatro giapponese. Sette Nô,
Yokyoku: klassicheskaya yaponskaya drama,
Japanese Noh Drama Volume I

Associated Items

Associated Productions Not Specified ,
1985Jun22, Kyoto Kanze Kaikan, Eguchi ,
1967May, Eguchi ,
Eguchi ,
Performances of the piece 1001248, 1001249, 1001250, 1000124, 1001556, 1000125
Components associated with piece 1002496, 1005018, 1005781, 1005780, 1004783, 1004884, 1005752, 1004809, 1005694, 1001248, 1000124, 1001556, 1000125