Piece Name Kazuraki
Piece Alternate Name Yuki Kazuraki ,
Katsuragi** (Transliteration) ,
Kazuragi** (Transliteration)
Creation Date Muromachi
Associated Performing Art(s) Noh
Associated Movement currently performed noh
Language(s) of Creation Japanese
Structure Divisions Two acts
Notes **Alternative reading of the Kanji (Chinese characters).
Piece Published in Kazuraki,
Restless Spirits from Japanese Noh Plays of the Fourth Group: Parallel Translations with Running Commentary,
Nô et Kyôgen

Associated Items

Associated Productions Not Specified ,
1982Mar, Kazuraki
Performances of the piece 1000422, 1000421, 1000423
Components associated with piece 1004792, 1004893, 1005047