Piece Name Saigyōzakura
Piece Alternate Name Saigyoozakura* (Transliteration) ,
Saigyôzakura* (Transliteration) ,
Saigyou-zakura* (Transliteration) ,
Saigyozakura (Transliteration) ,
Saigyou (Earlier title) ,
Saigyô zakura (Transliteration) ,
Saigyô-zakura (Transliteration) ,
Saigyo zakura (Transliteration)
Creation Date Muromachi
Creator Zeami Playwright
Associated Performing Art(s) Noh
Associated Movement currently performed noh
Language(s) of Creation Japanese
Structure Divisions One act
Plot Deep in the mountains of Saga a mountain cherry is known as the tree that inspired the poet Saigyō.
Notes Old title: "Saigyou no noh." Third Category: Woman (Katsura). *Alternative Rōmaji (Roman characters) spelling. Improper but frequently or possibly used spelling or reading of the Kanji (Chinese characters), or an unorthodox name.
Piece Published in Japanese Nô Dramas,
Restless Spirits from Japanese Noh Plays of the Fourth Group: Parallel Translations with Running Commentary

Associated Items

Associated Productions 1982Feb11, Kawamura noh stage, Kanze school of shitekata (Kanze-ryū), Saigyouzakura ,
1971May, Saigyouzakura ,
Performances of the piece 1001492, 1000937, 1001491, 1000936
Components associated with piece 1002471, 1004808, 1004847, 1004898, 1004899, 1005703, 1001492