Piece Name Tomoe
Creation Date Muromachi
Associated Performing Art(s) Noh
Associated Movement currently performed noh
Language(s) of Creation Japanese
Structure Divisions Two acts
Piece Published in Japanese Plays: No-Kyogen-Kabuki,
Warrior Ghost Plays from the Japanese Noh Theater: Parallel Translations with Running Commentary,
Tomoe: The Woman Warrior,
The Noh Volume II: Battle Noh in Parallel Translations with an Introduction and Running Commentaries,
Nô et Kyôgen,
Japanese Noh Drama Volume III

Associated Items

Associated Productions 1985Mar23, Kanze school (Kanze-ryuu), Kanze school of shitekata (Kanze-ryū), Tomoe
Performances of the piece 1001288, 1001286, 1001287