Piece Name Bōshibari
Piece Alternate Name Boshibari (Transliteration) ,
Tied To A Pole (Translation) ,
Boushibari (Transliteration) ,
Booshibari (Transliteration) ,
Bo shibari (Transliteration) ,
Bou shibari (Transliteration) ,
Bō shibari (Transliteration) ,
Boo shibari (Transliteration) ,
Pinioned (Translation) ,
Tied to a Stick (Translation)
Creation Date Unknown
Creator Iezzi, Julie A. Translator
Associated Performing Art(s) Kyōgen
Language(s) of Creation Japanese
Characters in Piece Tarokaja (Servants / domestic workers) Tarokaja
Notes Ōkura and Izumi Schools
Piece Published in The Kyogen Book: An Anthology of Japanese Classical Comedies(37 - 48),
Twelve Plays of the Noh and Kyogen Theaters(169 - 186),
Selected Plays of Kyōgen(13 - 26),
Pinioned(353 - 361),
Reflections in a Bowl of Sake: The Kyōgen Play Bōshibari as a Window into Muromachi Society(15 - 24)

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