Piece Name Shinrei yaguchi no watashi
Piece Alternate Name Yaguchi no watashi, ofune (*Popularized title) ,
Yaguchi ferry, The (Translation)
Creation Date 1770
Creator Hiraga Gennai Playwright
Associated Performing Art(s) Puppetry, Kabuki
Associated Movement jidaimono (historical play)
Language(s) of Creation Japanese
Structure Divisions Five acts
Plot Follows the trials of Yoshioka Nitta and his retainer Hyogonosuke and younger brother Yoshimine as they are defeated by the plots of Takauji Ashikaga.

Associated Items

Associated Productions 1975May10, Kokuritsu shōgekijō, Bunraku, Musume kagekiyo yashima nikki ,
1977May10, Kokuritsu shōgekijō, Shinrei yaguchi no watashi
Performances of the piece 1004330, 1004342, 1006517, 1006525, 1006518, 1006523
Components associated with piece 1004353