Piece Name Osome Hisamatsu Ukina no Yomiuri
Piece Alternate Name Osome no Nanayaku (*Popularized title) ,
The Scandalous Love of Osome and Hisamatsu (Translation) ,
O Some Hisamatsu (Transliteration)
Creation Date 1813
Creator Tsuruya Namboku IV Playwright
Associated Performing Art(s) Kabuki
Associated Movement sewamono (domestic play)
Language(s) of Creation Japanese
Characters in Piece Osome , Hisamatsu Osome
Plot The tragic lovers Osome and Hisamatsu come up against an evil couple, the maid Dote no Oroku and her husband Kimon no Kihei as Hisamatsu pursues a lost family heirloom sword.
Reference(s) Kabuki jiten (82)
Piece Published in Kabuki Plays on Stage Volume 3: Darkness and Desire, 1804-1864(62)

Associated Items

Associated Productions 1930, Nippon Kan Theatre, O Some Hisamatsu
Performances of the piece 1003583, 1006532