Piece Name Yoshinoyama
Piece Alternate Name Tadanobu (Title for individual scene or act of piece) ,
Itsumo kikuchō hatsune no michiyuki (Earlier title)
Creation Date May 1808
Associated Performing Art(s) Kabuki, Dance, Japanese
Language(s) of Creation Japanese
Plot This michiyuki dance shows the young woman Shizuka Gozen accompanied by the warrior Saito Tadanobu on their travels through the mountain cherry hills of the Yoshino district. Tadanobu however is actually a fox spirit in disguise, who follows the hand drum carried by Shizuka because its head is made from the hide of his parents. The particular "Tadanobu" dance section involves Tadanobu enacting for Shizuka an account of an earlier battle.
Reference(s) Nihon buyō meikyoku jiten (305-307)
Notes The scene as a whole is Act 4, scene 2 of the kabuki play Yoshitsune and the thousand cherry trees. The title "Tadanobu" is used to name the dance by that character recounting a battle.

Associated Items

Associated Productions 2010Oct06, Barnes Lecture Hall, Sanbasō
Performances of the piece 1007209, 1007211, 1007212, 1007213, 1007214, 1007215