Piece Name Ryūsei
Piece Alternate Name Ryusei (Transliteration) ,
Shooting Star (Translation)
Creation Date September 1859
Creator Kawatake Mokuami Lyricist
Associated Performing Art(s) Kabuki, Dance, Japanese
Language(s) of Creation Japanese
Plot Ryūsei depicts a shooting star in the sky on the evening of Tanabata, the star festival on the 7th day of the 7th month. Above the clouds the shooting star appears and reports to two other starts, Altair and Vega, what he has seen below: the comical quarrel between a thunder (kaminari) couple.
Reference(s) Nihon buyō meikyoku jiten (313-317)
Notes A fantastical and humorous dance story.
Piece Published in Nihon buyō meikyoku jiten(313)

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Associated Productions 2010Oct06, Barnes Lecture Hall, Sanbasō
Performances of the piece 1007210, 1007226, 1007227, 1007228, 1007229, 1007230, 1007231, 1007232, 1007233, 1007234
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