Production Name 1982Feb11, Kawamura noh stage, Kanze school of shitekata (Kanze-ryū), Saigyouzakura
Production Alternate Name Kawamura teiki kennoukai, February 11, 1982. (migrated production name) ,
Kawamura Haruo, February 11, 1982. (migrated production name)
Performing Arts Type(s) Noh
Production Type Single event
Location(s) of Production Kawamura noh stage
Piece(s) in Production Saigyōzakura
Performing Art Groups in Production Kanze school of shitekata (Kanze-ryū)
People in Production Kawamura Haruo (Actor)
Notes Kawamura Noh Stage; sponsor: Kawamura teiki kennou [jy, sept06]Probably same production as Prod 1000437 (Daie).

Associated Items

Representations of the production 1001492, 1001491