Production Name 1937Apr27, Metropolitan Opera House, American Ballet, Apollon Musegète
Production Alternate Name Stravinsky Festival (Common variant) ,
Performing Arts Type(s) Ballet
Beginning Date April 27, 1937
End Date April 28, 1937
Production Type Multi-performance program
Location(s) of Production Metropolitan Opera House (New York)
Piece(s) in Production Apollon Musegète, Le Baiser de la Fée, Card Party, The
Performing Art Groups in Production American Ballet
Reference(s) International Encyclopedia of Dance
People in Production Vane, Daphne (Dancer) Christensen, Lew (Dancer) Reiman, Elise (Dancer) Howard, Holly (Dancer) Balanchine, George (Choreographer) Stravinsky, Igor (Composer)
Arts of Performance in Production Dancing
Notes These three ballets, with music by Stravinsky, were performed at the Stravinsky Festival, with Stravinsky conducting the New York Philharmonic-Symphony Orchestra. SFPALM

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