Production Name 1907May19, Grand Opera House (Seattle), Mrs. Warren's Profession
Beginning Date May 19, 1907
End Date May 23, 1907
Location(s) of Production Grand Opera House (Seattle)
Piece(s) in Production Mrs. Warren's Profession
People in Production Thomas, Walter (Actor) Coghlan, Rose (Actor) Pratt, Lynn (Actor) Pitman, Richard (Actor) Bayfield, St. Claire (Actor) Orr, Forrest (Actor) Stanford, Lucille (Actor) Moore, Carlyle (Actor) Countiss, Catherine (Actor)
Notes ced100

Associated Items

Components associated with production 1003476, 1003529, 1003687, 1003689, 1003690, 1003691, 1003692, 1003693, 1003695, 1003696, 1003697, 1003698