Production Name 1898Feb06, California Theatre, Black Patti Troubadours, Cakewalk
Production Alternate Name Black Patti Troubadours Feb 6, 1898 (Common variant)
Performing Arts Type(s) Musical, American, Vaudeville, Opera, European, Drama, Comedy, Minstrelsy
Beginning Date February 6, 1898
End Date Unknown
Production Type Multi-performance program
Location(s) of Production California Theatre (San Francisco)
Piece(s) in Production Cakewalk
Performing Art Groups in Production Black Patti Troubadours
Reference(s) Sissieretta Jones: A study of the negro’s contribution to nineteenth century American concert and theatrical life.
People in Production Jones, Robert Edmond (Singer)
Arts of Performance in Production Acting, Singing, Dancing

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