Production Name 1937Jan07, New York (N.Y.), Reinhardt ensemble, Eternal Road, The
Production Alternate Name Der Weg der Verheissung (Common variant) ,
The Eternal Road (Common variant)
Performing Arts Type(s) Drama
Beginning Date January 7, 1937
End Date May 16, 1937
Production Type Long-run
Location(s) of Production New York (N.Y.)
Piece(s) in Production Eternal Road, The
Performing Art Groups in Production Reinhardt ensemble
Reference(s) Welttheater Reinhardt (Item 2620)
People in Production Reinhardt, Max (Director) Weill, Kurt (Composer) Werfel, Franz (Playwright)
Significant Elements of Production Monumental indoor staging
Notes Jewish historical morality play. Cost half-million dollars to produce. Closed after 153 performances.

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