Production Name 1940Jan18, Los Angeles (Calif.), Reinhardt ensemble, Viktoria
Production Alternate Name Home and Beauty (Common variant) ,
Viktoria (Common variant)
Performing Arts Type(s) Drama
Beginning Date January 18, 1940
End Date January 18, 1940
Production Type Single event
Location(s) of Production Los Angeles (Calif.)
Piece(s) in Production Viktoria
Performing Art Groups in Production Reinhardt ensemble
Reference(s) Welttheater Reinhardt (Item 2631)
People in Production Reinhardt, Max (Director) Kaper, Bronislaw (Musical director) dup Ree, Max [630] (Set designer) Solveg, Maria (Costume designer) Wrixon, Maris (Actor)
Notes Too Many Husbands

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