Production Name 1920Aug22, Salzburg (Austria), Reinhardt ensemble, Everyman
Production Alternate Name Everyman (Common variant)
Performing Arts Type(s) Drama
Beginning Date August 22, 1920
End Date August 29, 1937
Production Type Long-run
Location(s) of Production Salzburg (Austria)
Piece(s) in Production Everyman
Performing Art Groups in Production Reinhardt ensemble
Reference(s) Welttheater Reinhardt (Item 1168)
People in Production Reinhardt, Max (Director) Paumgartner, Bernhard (Conductor) Roller, Alfred (Costume designer) Nilson, Einar (Musical director) Williams, Liza
Notes Signal play of Salzburg Festival. Initiated Festival in 1920. Ran continuously until 1937.

Associated Items

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