Production Name 1930, Cheating the Gallows
Production Alternate Name Carter the Great on Tour, circa 1930-1936 (Common variant)
Performing Arts Type(s) Magic
Beginning Date 1930 - 1936
End Date 1930 - 1936
Production Type Tour
Piece(s) in Production Cheating the Gallows, Famous Levitation Mystery, The, Modern Priestess of Delphi, The, Enlongated Maiden, The, Crystal Casket, The, Shooting Through a Live Woman, Vanishing Elephant, The
People in Production Carter, Charles Joseph (Magician (illusionist)) Monty (Magician (illusionist)) Maxwell, Evelyn (Magician (illusionist))
Arts of Performance in Production Other
Notes The San Francisco Performing Arts Library and Museum has a number of promotional materials associated with the last few years of the career of Carter the Great, from about 1930 to his death in 1936. SFPALM

Associated Items

Components associated with production 1003688, 1003694, 1003702, 1003704, 1004697