Production Name 1912Apr15, England, Chocolate Soldier, The
Beginning Date April 15, 1912
End Date April 20, 1912
Production Type Repertory theater run
Location(s) of Production England
Piece(s) in Production Chocolate Soldier, The
People in Production Walenn, Charles R. (Actor) Clarke, May (Actor) Tomlinson, May (Actor) Williams, Stanley (Actor) Etheridge, M. (Actor) Stone, Marcus (Actor) Coleman, Phyllis (Actor) Gordon, Gladys (Actor) Moreton, F. (Actor) Barnes, Cecil (Actor) Vernham, Evelyn (Actor) McKeown, Edward (Actor) Reynolds, Arthur (Actor) Ismay, Margaret (Actor) Faraday, Philip Michael (Artistic director) Stange, Stanislaus (Producer)

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