Production Name 1894, Herald Square Theatre, Arms and the Man
Production Alternate Name Herald Square Theatre, New York, 1894 (migrated production name)
Location(s) of Production Herald Square Theatre
Piece(s) in Production Arms and the Man
People in Production Bushy, Amy (Actor) Grey, Katherine (Actor) Pitt, Harry M. (Actor) Jewett, Henry (Actor) Ramsey, Walden (Actor) Rankin, Mrs. McKee (Actor) Cameron, Beatrice (Actor) Mansfield, Richard (Actor)
Notes This production was first presented by Richard Man. Richard Mansfield played Captain Bluntschli; Mrs. McKee Rankin played Catherine Petkoff; Katherine Grey played Louka; Amy Bushy played Louka; Harry M. Pitt played Major Paul Petkoff; Henry Jewett played Major Sergius Saranoff ; Walden Ramsey played Nicola; Beatrice Cameron played Raina Petkoff.

Associated Items

Components associated with production 2132, 2131, 2204