Production Name 1925Apr13, Guild Theatre, Theatre Guild, Caesar and Cleopatra
Production Alternate Name Guild Theatre, New York, 1925 (migrated production name)
Location(s) of Production Guild Theatre
Piece(s) in Production Caesar and Cleopatra
Performing Art Groups in Production Theatre Guild
People in Production Cass, Maurice (Actor) Brown, Edwin A. (Actor) Bernstein, Aline (Costume designer) Moeller, Philip (Director) Ayliff, H. K. (Producer) Jones, Frederick (Set designer) Ladd, Schuyler (Actor) Travers, Henry (Actor) Trevor, Jack (Actor) Cecil, Lawrence (Actor) Verdi, Francis (Actor) McRae, Maurice (Actor) Harding, Harold (Actor) Baxter, George (Actor) Tupper, Mary (Actor) Westley, Helen (Actor) Atwill, Lionel (Actor) Hayes, Helen (Actor) Bannister, Rupert (Actor) Shear, Sylvia (Actor) Halliday, Hildegarde (Actor) Hahn, Marion (Actor) Elton, Edmund (Actor) Stone, Leete (Actor) Jones, Teddy (Actor) Bruning, Albert (Actor)

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