Production Name Reinhardt, Warner Bros. Film, 1935
Production Alternate Name Reinhardt, Warner Bros. Film, 1935 (migrated production name)
Piece(s) in Production Midsummer Night's Dream, A
People in Production Theilade, Nini (Choreographer) Nijinska, Bronislava (Choreographer) Ree, Max (Costume designer) Korngold, Erich Wolfgang (Arranger) Mohr, Hal (Cinematographer) Hunter, Ian Powell, Dick Cagney, James Brown, Joe E. (Musician) Teasdale, Verree De Havilland, Olivia Muir, Jean Jory, Victor Louise, Anita Rooney, Mickey
Notes Co-directed with William Dieterle

Associated Items

Representations of the production 301, 300