Production Name 1926Aug20, Salzburg Festival, Reinhardt ensemble, Servant of Two Masters, A
Production Alternate Name Servant of Two Masters (migrated production name)
Performing Arts Type(s) Commedia dell'Arte
Production Type Long-run
Location(s) of Production Salzburg Festival
Piece(s) in Production Servant of Two Masters, A
Performing Art Groups in Production Reinhardt ensemble
Reference(s) Welttheater Reinhardt (Item 1704)
People in Production Thimig, Hugo (Actor) Servaes, Dagny (Actor) Thimig, Hermann (Actor) Thimig, Helene (Actor) Reinhardt, Max (Director) Paumgartner, Bernhard (Conductor)
Significant Elements of Production Re-adaptation of 18th century commedia dell' stage
Arts of Performance in Production Acting
Notes Music adapted from Mozart and traditional tunes to texts by Kurz-Bernardon

Associated Items

Representations of the production 1003676
Components associated with production 1003596, 1003597