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Composante Arts du Spectacle Associés Noh
Composante [Costume] Costume
Composante Emplacement Associé University of California, Berkeley. Library
Composante Langue Représentée [Japonais] Japanese
Composante Personnes Associées University of California, Berkeley
Objet Date de Création [1899 - 1899] 1899 - 1899
Composante Notes Piece: Ohara gokou. The two servants are sitting on either side. Source: Book owned by Berkeley Library. Title: Nôgaku zue. Illustrations by Tsukioka Bennosuke, artistic forename Kôgyo (1869-1927). Published in 1899? 4 volumes, 2 boxes. Image's printer/publisher: Matsuki Heikichi, Tokyo; printed date:1897 to 1899.