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Titre d'Objet Numérique Preliminary Study of War Memorial Court
Composante Arts du Spectacle Associés Ballet, Opera, European
Composante [Architecture dessins et des plans] Architecture designs and plans
Production/Mise en Scène 1931Nov11, San Francisco War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco Municipal Band, Battle Hymn of the Republic
Composante Date d'activité [Unknown] Unknown
Composante Emplacement Associé San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum
Composante Langue Représentée [Anglais] English
Objet Date de Création [1920 - 1929] 1920 - 1929
Objet Date de Destruction [Unknown] Unknown
Dimensions de l'objet 10.5 x 8 x 0 in
Composante Notes This architectural sketch was created during the 1920's, as San Francisco's War Memorial buildings were being planned. The Veteran's Building (current home of the San Francisco Performing Arts Library and Museum, as of 2005) can be seen at the left, and the Opera House (home of the San Francisco Ballet and Opera) is to the right. Although its orientation to City Hall (seen at the center of the picture, across Van Ness Avenue) remains the same, and the gate (seen just beyond the fountain) was built as conceptualized here, the court and buildings turned out rather differently. The building exteriors were finished with less ornamentation, and rather than steps, statues, a pool with fountain in the central court, there is a grassy lawn. The extra decoration and water features were traded in the budget, ultimately, for extra interior space within the buildings. SFPALM
Source Objet
Dépôt du Source Objet San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum
Dépôt Assigné Identité Sfp0078
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Ligne de crédit Courtesy of [Collection name], San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum.
Renseignements de Commander Contact San Francisco Performing Arts Library and Museum, reference@sfpalm.org.