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GloPAD ID 91
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Titre d'Objet Numérique Dance of the Umbrella and the Coin
Date de Représentation [Unknown] Unknown
Production/Mise en Scène Jin village production, Dance of the Umbrella and the Coin
Pièce Dance of the Umbrella and the Coin
Lieu de Représentation Jin village, Gaoxi region, Anhui area, China
Notes de Représentation The figure on the left holding the umbrella represents the Yang deity; the figure on the right, holding the coin, represents the Yin deity.This rendition of the myth produced by the Jin Village is older than that roduced by the Cao Village (See records Wu-san, Wu Gulao Qian and Kaitian Pidi), because of the fierce looking masks the deities were wearing. Also see the records of the modern rendition of the same play.