Nom de la Personne Mimasuya Sukejūrō II
Autre Noms Sanjō Kametarō ([Nom de scène au début] Earlier stage name) ,
Sukehana ([Nom de plume] Pen or literary name) ,
Mimasuya Sukejuurou ([Autre orthographique] Alternate spelling)
Sexe [mâle] Male
Identité Culturelle Japanese
Pays de Résidence Japan
Date de Naissance [Janvier 1, 1730 - Décembre 31, 1739] January 1, 1730 - December 31, 1739
Date de Mort [Unknown] Unknown
Genre Spécialisations Kabuki
Liens Géographiques Edo (Japan) (historic region)
Notes Character types: young female roles (waka onnagata), male leads (tachiyaku). Mimasuya Sukejuro II was a student of Sanjo Kantaro II, who named him Sanjo Kametaro, and played a young boy role (iroko) at Morita Theater. He became waka onnagata in 1754 and played a male lead in 1767. It's unknown what happened after he palyed at Nakamura Theater in 1772 (November). He was good at wagoto, jitsugoto, and kyokaku. His son is Ichikawa Danjuro III.

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