Nom de la Personne Nakamura Sukegorō II
Autre Noms Sengoku Sukeji (first adult stage name) ,
Nakamura Gyoraku ([Nom de la retraite] Retirement name) ,
Gyoraku ([Nom de plume] Pen or literary name) ,
Nakamura Sukegorou ([Autre orthographique] Alternate spelling)
Sexe [mâle] Male
Identité Culturelle Japanese
Pays de Résidence Japan
Date de Naissance [1745 - 1745] 1745 - 1745
Date de Mort [ Octobre 29, 1806] October 29, 1806
Genre Spécialisations Kabuki
Liens Géographiques Edo (Japan) (historic name)
Source(s) Kabuki Jinmei Jiten (p.454) ,
The Actor's Image: Print Makers of the Katsukawa School (p.484)
Notes Character types: evil enemies (kataki yaku). Group affiliations: Sengokuya. Nakamura Sukegoro II was a son of Nakamura Sukegoro I. He trained with his father under the name Sengoku Sukeji, and it is said that he trained in Osaka. In 1761 he palyed an evil enemy role at the Morita Theater in Edo. Two years later he became Nakamura Sukegoro II. In 1803 he changed his name to Nakamura Gyoraku and retired. He was celebrated for his masculine style and had a clear voice. He was active from 1761 to 1803.

Associated Items

Productions Associées 1768Nov01, Ichimura Theater, Ima wo Sakari Suehiro Genji
Representations of person in components 1003190, 1003137, 1003043, 1002991