Nom de la Personne Ichikawa Hisazō
Autre Noms Asei ([Nom de plume] Pen or literary name) ,
Ichikawa Hisazou ([Autre orthographique] Alternate spelling)
Sexe [mâle] Male
Identité Culturelle Japanese
Pays de Résidence Japan
Date de Naissance [Unknown] Unknown
Date de Mort [Unknown] Unknown
Genre Spécialisations Kabuki
Liens Géographiques Edo (Japan) (historic region)
Source(s) Kabuki Jinmei Jiten (p.110)
Notes Character types: male leads (tachiyaku). Group affiliations: Shibarakuya. Ichikawa Hisazo was a student of Ichikawa Danjuro III, and in 1741 he played male leads at the Nakamura Theater in Edo. Later he became a president (todori) of the Namamura Theater. He was active from 1741 to 1774.

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