Nom de la Personne Anegawa Shinshiro II
Autre Noms Anegawa Shinnosuke ([Nom de scène au début] Earlier stage name) ,
Choko ([Nom de plume] Pen or literary name)
Sexe [mâle] Male
Identité Culturelle Japanese
Pays de Résidence Japan
Date de Naissance [Unknown] Unknown
Date de Mort [Unknown] Unknown
Genre Spécialisations Kabuki
Liens Géographiques Nagoya-shi (Aichi-ken, Japan), Osaka (Japan)
Source(s) Kabuki Jinmei Jiten (p.18)
Notes Character types: young male roles (wakashu kata); young female roles (waka onnagata). Anegawa Shinshiro II was an adopted son of Anegawa Shinshio I. According to Kabuki Jinmei Jiten, he was active from 1754 to around 1764 in Osaka and later became a doctor. However, his name appears in Ehon Butai Ogi. Most likely he moved to Edo and performed in Edo for a while.

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