Nom de la Personne Ichikawa Nobuo
Autre Noms Matsuoka Nobuo ,
Arashi Nobuo
Sexe [mâle] Male
Identité Culturelle Japanese
Pays de Résidence Japan
Date de Naissance [1952 - 1952] 1952 - 1952
Date de Mort [Unknown] Unknown
Dates Actif [Unknown] Unknown
Genre Spécialisations Kabuki
Liens des Groupes des Arts du Spectacle Omodaka-ya
Notes Character types: male leads (tachiyaku); female roles (onnagata). Group affiliations: Omodakaya. Ichikawa Nobuo is the son of Arashi Kanjūrō VI. He first appeared on stage at Takarazuka Daigekijō Theater in November, 1957. He became the disciple of his father and took the name Arashi Nobuo in 1981. Then he became the disciple of Ichikawa En'nosuke III and took the name Ichikawa Nobuo in July, 1989. He made the annoucement that he passed Nadai exam at Kabuki Theater in July, 1998.

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Productions Associées 2003Oct03, Kokuritsu gekijō daigekijyō, Hade Kurabe Ise Monogatari
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