Nom de la Personne Nishizaki Sakurako
Autre Noms Suzuki Chihaya ([Nom de naissance] Birth name)
Sexe [femelle] Female
Identité Culturelle Japanese
Pays de Résidence Japan
Date de Naissance [ Juin 15, 1986] June 15, 1986
Date de Mort [Unknown] Unknown
Dates Actif [Unknown] Unknown
Genre Spécialisations Dance, Japanese
Liens Géographiques Tokyo (Japan)
Notes Nishizaki Sakurako is the third daughter of Bando Kotoji. She was given lessons by Bando Kotoji and Nishizaki Ryokue at the age of 3 and then she became a pupil of Nishizaki Emino. She appeared on stage at Korea Expo in 1993. She became a successor to the Midori no Kai (“Green Group”) of nihon buyō dancers in May, 2008. That year she appeared on stage at Kabuki mai event in December. She performed in Kabuki Forum performance in December, 2009. She has performed in numerous events and workshops and also on Japanese national television.

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