Nom de la Personne Campbell, Patrick, Mrs.
Autre Noms Campbell, Patrick, Mrs., 1865-1940 ([Nom de l`Autorité] Authority name) ,
Tanner, Beatrice Stella ,
Campbell, Stella Mervyn ,
Tanner, Beatrice Rose Stella ,
Tanner, Stella
Sexe [femelle] Female
Identité Culturelle English
Pays de Résidence United Kingdom
Date de Naissance [ Février 9, 1865] February 9, 1865
Date de Mort [ Avril 1940] April 1940
Liens des Groupes des Arts du Spectacle Garrick Theatre (London, England)
Notes She was involved in a love affair with Shaw before becoming enamoured with George Cornwallis-West and thus ending any relationship with Shaw by marrying West in early 1914.

Associated Items

Productions Associées 1899Mar15, Theatre Royal (Newcastle upon Tyne, England), Mrs. Patrick Campbell's Company, Caesar and Cleopatra ,
1919, Duke of York's Theatre, Arms and the Man ,
1914, His Majesty's Theatre, Pygmalion
Representations of person in components 2146
Components associated with person 2127, 1878, 1877, 1897, 2146