Nom de la Pièce Ataka
Autre Nom de la Pièce Kanjincho ([Titre popularisé] *Popularized title)
Date de Création Muromachi
Arts du Spectacle Associés Noh
Mouvement Associé currently performed noh
Langues de Création [Japonais] Japanese
Divisions de la Structure One act
Source(s) Kanzeryuusisankyuu・7 ,
Kanzeryuusisankyuu・8 ,
Kanzeryuusisankyuu・9 ,
Translations from Lyrical Drama: 'Nô'
Notes Improper but frequently or possibly used spelling or reading of the Kanji (Chinese characters), or an unorthodox name.
Texte Publié dans Japan, Its History, Arts, and Literature,
The Dramatic Structure of Ataka, a Noh Play,
Masterworks of the Noh Theatre,
Geschichte der japanischen Litteratur,
Japanese Noh Drama Volume III

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Productions Associées Not Specified ,
Not Specified ,
Not Specified ,
Kanjinchoo? [variation] ,
1970Mar, Ataka ,
1975, Ataka ,
1982Mar, Ataka ,
1973Nov, Ataka ,
1931, Ataka
Performances of the piece 1000045, 1000047, 1000048, 1000050, 1000049, 1000046
Components associated with piece 1004169, 1005004, 1005005, 1005522, 1005517, 1005522, 1005533, 1004738, 1004904, 1004823