Nom de la Pièce Busu
Autre Nom de la Pièce Delicious Poison ([Traduction] Translation) ,
Somebody-nothing ([Traduction] Translation) ,
Sweet Poison ([Traduction] Translation)
Date de Création [Unknown] Unknown
Arts du Spectacle Associés Kyōgen
Langues de Création [Japonais] Japanese
Divisions de la Structure one-act
Source(s) Nô as performance: an analysis of the Kuse scene of Yamamba
Notes Ōkura and Izumi Schools
Texte Publié dans Anthology of Japanese Literature from the Earliest Era to the Mid-Nineteenth Century(305 - 311),
Traditional Japanese Theater: An Anthology of Plays(235-244),
An Outline History of Japanese Drama(164 - 171),
The Kyogen Book: An Anthology of Japanese Classical Comedies(3 -12),
Selected Plays of Kyōgen(51 - 62),
Kyōgen: Comic Interludes of Japan(84 -89),
Traditional Japanese Literature: An Anthology, From Beginnings to 1600,
Somebody-nothing(1011 -1012),
Noh Comedy: A New Approach to English Reading Series(7-36),
Longman Anthology of World Literature. Volume B: The Medieval Era(388 - 397),
The Bussu [sic]

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