Nom de la Pièce Meiboku sendai hagi
Autre Nom de la Pièce The trouble in the Date household ([Traduction] Translation) ,
The Precious Incense and Autumn Flowers of Sendai ([Traduction] Translation)
Date de Création [1785] 1785
Arts du Spectacle Associés Puppetry, Kabuki
Mouvement Associé jidaimono (historical play)
Langues de Création [Japonais] Japanese
Notes Matsu Kanshi, Takahashi Mohei, and Yoshida Kadomaru playwrights. First performed at the Yukiza Theatre in Edo in 1785. One of several drama versions of the scandal concerning inheritance in the Date (pronounced "Da-tay") in Sendai, which occurred in the middle of the 17th century.
Texte Publié dans Kabuki Plays on Stage Volume 2: Villainy and Vengeance, 1773-1799(48)

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Productions Associées 1977Dec11, Kokuritsu shougekijou, Bunraku, Meiboku sendai hagi
Performances of the piece 1004199, 1004347, 1004375