Nom de la Pièce Shinju ten no amijima
Autre Nom de la Pièce The Love Suicide at Amijima ([Traduction] Translation)
Date de Création [ Décembre 1720] December 1720
Créateur Chikamatsu Monzaemon [Dramaturge] Playwright
Arts du Spectacle Associés Puppetry
Mouvement Associé sewamono (domestic play)
Langues de Création [Japonais] Japanese
Divisions de la Structure Three acts: Kitanoshinchi Kawasho, Kamiya uchi, and Yamatoya
Personnages dans la Pièce Koharu , Jihei Koharu
Intrigue Koharu, a courtesan of the Kinokuniya tea house, and Jihei, a paper merchant, have pledged their love to one another. Various people, including Jihei's older brother Magoemon, a rival Tahei, and Jihei's wife Osan try to get the two to break off their affair but their strategies fail. In the end Jihei and Koharu elude their watchers and slip away to the Daichoji Temple at Amijima where they plan to die together.
Notes First performed at the Takemotoza Theatre in Osaka in December 1720.

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Productions Associées 1984Feb18, Kokuritsu shougekijou, Bunraku, Shinju ten no amijima ,
1995, Komissarzhevskaya Theatre, Komissarzhevskaya Theatre, Shinju ten no amijima
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