Nom de la Pièce Kotobuki Soga no Taimen
Autre Nom de la Pièce Kotobukisoga no Taimen ,
The Felicitous Soga Encounter ([Traduction] Translation) ,
Taimen ([Titre popularisé] *Popularized title) ,
Soga no Taimen ([Titre popularisé] *Popularized title)
Date de Création [Unknown] Unknown
Créateur Kawatake Mokuami [Dramaturge] Playwright
Arts du Spectacle Associés Kabuki
Mouvement Associé jidaimono (historical play)
Langues de Création [Japonais] Japanese
Divisions de la Structure one act (ichimaku)
Personnages dans la Pièce Soga no Gorō Tokimune , Soga no Jūro Sukenari , Ōiso no tora , Asahina Saburō (Kobayashi Asahina) , Oniō Shinzaemon , Ōmi Kotōta , Yawata no Saburo , Kudō Suketsune Soga no Gorō Tokimune
Intrigue Kudo Suketsune is an enemy of the Soga brothers, Juro and Goro, whose father, Kawadu Saburo, was killed by him. It happens that Kudo is ordered by Yoritomo Minamoto to lead a hunting expedition at the foot of Mt. Fuji. All manner of people come to Kudo's house to congratulate him. Spotting an opportunity, Asahina Saburo, who is in service to Kudo, but sympathetic to the Soga brothers' desire for revenge, manages for the Soga brothers to meet Kudo. Kudo arrogantly promises them the opportunity for their revenge after the hunting expedition, giving them passes for the hunting field.
Notes One-act period piece (Jidaimono). It was first performed at Nakamura Za in Edo in January, 1676. Kawatake Mokuami developed the style in Meiji. It is also called "Kichirei kotobuki no soga." 
Texte Publié dans Kabuki Plays on Stage Volume 1: Brilliance and Bravado, 1697-1766

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