Nom de la Production 1931Nov11, San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum, San Francisco Opera Company, United States of America National Anthem
Autre Nom de la Production SFPALM materials War Memorial Foundation Ceremony, 1931
Date de Début [ Novembre 11, 1931] November 11, 1931
Date de Fin [ Novembre 11, 1931] November 11, 1931
Type de la Production [Evénement] Single event
Emplacemente(s) de la Production San Francisco Performing Arts Library & Museum
Pièce(s) dans la Production United States of America National Anthem
Productions Associées 1931Nov11, San Francisco War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco Municipal Band, Battle Hymn of the Republic
Groupes des Arts du Spectacle dans la Production San Francisco Opera Company
Notes This is a information-holding record for a potential set of materials on this ceremony to be entered by SFPALM. Do not associate to any Digital Ojbects, Performance, or Component records; use Production #1001235 instead. [Email from Tricia Roush Mar2006] This item (DO #1003900) is a program from the corner-stone laying ceremony for the War Memorial Opera House, a very important performing arts center in San Francisco, the home of our city ballet and opera companies. The DO #1003900 mainly references a building, rather than a performance or performance group(?), but our files on the history of theatre buildings are some of the most-used materials in our collection, and I thought that this is an interesting one, to go with the architectural drawing of the building and other related objects. Ideally, I'd love to scan and enter the whole program so the inside (the performances that happened at the event) can be read rather than just described in the record; there are several items which would make good multi-object units for the database, if we were able to add more to the project.

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