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Ichimura Uzaemon IX
Character types: aragoto. Group affiliations: Kikuya. Ichimura Uzaemon was a son of Ichimura Uzaemon VIII and an older brother of Bando Hikosaburo III (Yoshizo). He initially took the name Ichimura Mitsuzo and first appeared on stage as a child role (koyaku) at Ichimura Theater in Edo in 1731. In 1745 he changed his name to Ichimura Kamezo. In 1761 he went to Osaka and his dance of seven changes was a big hit. Later he went back to Edo and worked at Ichimura Theater. The following year his father died and he succeeded to the name Uzaemon (theater manager VII). In 1784 he had to close Ichimura Theater because of the debts received from his parents and a fire; Kiri Theater was opened as a substitute. In 1785 he palyed a monkey role (aragoto), made an address (kojo), and made the audeience cry. He excelled at sogamono, dance of seven changes (shichihenge), and aragoto. He was active from 1731 to 1785.
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Date of birth
1725 - 1725
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Date Deceased
August 25, 1785
Person > Person Alternate Name
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Also known as
Ichimura Mitsuzō
Person > Person Alternate Name
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Also known as
Ichimura Kamezō I
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Also known as
Person > Person Alternate Name
*/d_person/r_person_altname 6976
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Associated Region
Edo (Japan) (historic name)