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Piece Title
Atago Kūya
Plot Summary
The waki, a traveling priest called Kûya, visits Mt. Atago. While he is preaching, an old man appears and asks Priest Kûya for the Shari – relic of the Buddha – to help cure his three sufferings. The old man reveals that he is the Dragon King who lives in Mt. Atago. He asks Priest Kûya for the scroll of Buddhist scripture, which is where the Buddhist Shari is hidden. They find the Shari in the scroll and the grateful Dragon King grants Priest Kûya a wish. The priest asks that water be brought to this mountain so that residents of the mountain do not have to go afar for fresh water. After the kyôgen interlude, the Dragon God keeps his promise by breaking up a big boulder, whereby water gushes out. The Dragon God then disappears into the faraway valley.
Waki nō (God noh).
Tanaka Makoto notes that the title was originally read Atago Kōya. The Tendai monk Kūya was an important religious figure in the tenth century. His birth and death dates are not known. The Engi period of Emperor Daigo was from 901-923.
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Atago Kuuya*
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Atago Kuya*
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Two acts