人名 [山下 八百蔵 初代] Yamashita Yaozo I
ジェンダー [男性] Male
文化的アイデンティティー Japanese
居住国 [日本] Japan
生年月日 [Unknown] Unknown
没年月日 [三月 7, 1812] March 7, 1812
専門ジャンル [歌舞伎] Kabuki
関連地 [江戸(日本)] Edo (Japan) (historic name)
参考文献 [歌舞伎人名辞典] Kabuki Jinmei Jiten (p.654) ,
The Actor's Image: Print Makers of the Katsukawa School (p.489)
備考 [主な役柄:若女形。屋号:升屋。 紋:丸に蔵の字、桐 山下次郎三(初代)の子。1763年山下金作(二代目)の門人となる。大阪三桝大五郎座で所作事で初舞台を踏む。1764年若女方として所作事を勤め、大当たり。4年後大阪で座本となる。その後、江戸、京都に移るが、再び大阪に戻る。1811年江戸に再び下り、市村座で傾城役をし、これ以降名前が出なくなる。時代物、世話物に適し、芸風、口跡が上手く、風姿が非常に優れていた。宝暦13年(1763年)から文化8年(1811年)に活躍する。絵本舞台扇では名が八尾蔵となっている。]

Character types: young female roles (waka onnagata). Group affiliations: Masuya. Yamashita Yaozo I was a son of Yamashita Jirozo. In 1763 he became a student of Yamashita Kinsaku II and first appeared on stage by dancing shosagoto at the Mimasu Daigoro Theater in Osaka. In 1764 he played a young female role and danced shosagoto at Takeda Shibai in Osaka and was a big hit. Four years later he became a theater manager. He performed in Edo and Kyoto and moved back to Osaka. Then he went to Edo again In 1811, and he last performed as a role of courtesan (keisei yaku) at the Ichimura Theater. He was well suited for jidaimono and sewamono, and his performance and inflection (koseki) were good. He was a remarkably handsome man. He was active from 1763 to 1811. According to Ehon Butai Ogi, part of his first name, Yao-, is written in different chracters.

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